www.ziade.net + www.ziadeh.net = websites of Dr. Mustapha ZIADE (M.Z.)
The 2 websites are under reconstruction (during the reconstruction some webpages are unavailable)

www.ziade.net + www.ziadeh.net = sites internet de Dr Mustapha Ziadé (M.Z.)
Les 2 sites web sont en reconstruction (pendant la reconstruction quelques pages sont indisponibles)



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    - DO NOT send mails to forward (chain messages)

    - DO NOT send mails to visit a webpage (to view a message/photo/video) or to read a secret, etc.

    - DO NOT send mails about games (bingo, cards, dice, draw lots, lotto, poker, quiz, tombola, etc.)

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    - DO NOT send mails about winning (easy money, forex, inheritance, share, working at home, etc.)


Security (c) M.ZIADE

Security for your Computer, Tablet and Mobile (c) Dr.M.Ziadé
- Introduction: Why everyone is concerned by security?
- Read and think ... before you click. Be a 'standard user' on your computer.
- Antivirus. Firewall. Vaccine. Download and update securely.
- Protect your file (Real-time encryption or cryptography).
- Conclusion: Better safe than sorry!